Love Cafe And Bar For Authentic Eastern European Food – NYC

Love Cafe And Bar For Authentic Eastern European Food - NYC 1

The love Cafe and Bar is a refreshing owner operated restaurant with a large selection of Eastern European cuisine to choose from along with old world country beverages/beers/cocktails.  The owner Margarita Abramov a warm, hard working women oversees the fresh ingredients, preparation, generous  menu and hospitality; always happy to stop by a table to greet the customers. 

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For a beverage Monin Italian Soda Served over sparkling water $2.75 and Specialty Beer paired with dishes.  

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For Starters we had Traditional French Onion Soup served over Swiss Cheese under french bread and Pierogies that melt in your mouth $8.50 love.1png  

For Main dishes we had Seafood Crepe fresh and Creamy $12.95 and Hungarian Goulash served in a large generous soup bowl $14.95                                                            



For dessert we had Margarita’s grandmother’s specialty – the¬†Desert¬†La’Belle Crepe with choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream over chocolate¬†designer¬†sauce and¬†a strong¬†cappuccino $9.95¬†


Who would have known you could have a full¬†course home cooked¬†Russia¬†meal with fresh ingredients on crepes made better than in Paris with¬†nostalgic fountain sodas, Russian¬†beers¬†and¬†cocktails¬†for¬†a great price in a comfy/feel good¬†restaurant¬†that if you didn’t look out the window would¬†think you were in a romantic Eastern European City. Did I mention¬†poker¬†night!¬†

Hours: 10am-11pm
917-473- 0508
430 2nd Ave. Manhattan, NY   10010

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