Brosway Italia #1 Fashion Jewelry Brand in The Country

Brosway Italia Jewely brand was established in Italy in 1979, and over the past four decades, have risen to become the #1 fashion jewelry brand in the country. Heritage, passion and Italian style are at the core of what drives Brosway Italia’s success. All pieces are entirely crafted in Italy with deep-rooted heritage, unbridled passion, and unmistakable Italian style.

Brosway Alitalia brings forth affordable yet high-quality jewelry in over 30 countries to the consumer. In a world where distinction and elegance matter, Brosway Italia stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition, passion, and global allure.

My favorite Brosway Italia piece is the CALIBURN Men’s Necklace- Clean, cool & sophisticated to effortlessly morph your daytime look into a party-ready style. Crafted with 316L polished brushed steel, black/gold finishes & jet crystals. Women’s version is also available. $169.00 shop here usa.brosway

For a comprehensive understanding of Brosway Italia and offerings, click here where you can explore the collections in detail-

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