Summer Health & Beauty Guide 2023

Take a look in Fashions Digest’s Summer Health & Beauty Guide 2023 for the latest products that work to enhance your beauty and well-being.

The Time-Line Day Cream- Redensifies skin for intensely revitalized, rejuvenated, resilience & clinically proven to boost skin hydration & reduce the appearance of lines with MITOPURE nutrient, kick starts mitochondrial function reā€‘energizing cells for all skin types/unisex for brighter luminous, youthful-looking complexion & works well under makeup. $200 shop here timelinenutrition.comĀ 

Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops- for a pearlescence, luminous bright, glowing, soft skin appearance that’sĀ  enriched with antioxidants andĀ  weightless, works well under makeup $60.00 shop here

ImmunityMD 60 Capsules- With Probiotic strains, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L-lysine and zinc to support immune response, reduce stress, promote lip, skin, oral health healing, lung health & reduces skin breakouts. $38.99 shop here 1md.orgĀ 


Whish Coconut Milk+Verbena Correcting Gel- Formulated for all gender skin that reduces fine lines, wrinkles & repairs sun damage resulting in smooth soft feeling skin from naturally sourced & organic ingredients. $36.00 shop here-


Dion Michaelā€™s grooming cream- multipurpose facial product designed for men’s face cleanser, moisturizer, beard softer and shaving cream that’s free of synthetic fragrances, phthalates, sulfates with a fresh natural scent for all skin types and ethnicities. $40.00 shop here dionmichaels.comĀ 


LiverMD Liver Support 60 Capsules- delivers 2 clinically effective ingredients in one groundbreaking Patented Silybin Complex to help nourish, cleanse, repair, maintain liver function & drop fatty liver ALT levels. $43.99 shop here 1md.orgĀ Ā 

Rhug Wild Beauty – Protecting Facial Oil- Absorbs into the deeper layers with Bakuchiol, Organic Pomegranate Oil & Sorrel for smoother, softer, hydrated and even toned skin & Organic/cruelty free.Ā  $111.00 shop here

i-On Age Disrupting Skin Cream- For anti-aging, rosacea & patchy hyperpigmentation with vitamin C and patented DII Technology ironizing inducer pearl powder blend that removes excess iron to help prevent the formation of free radicals in skin. $125.00 shop here ionskincare.comĀ 


Clara’s New York Stimulating Retinol Facial Serum 30ml- Absorbs fast, helps with dry spots, sun damage & stimulates collagen/reduces lines for youthful, plump skin results & great for sensitive skin with ingredients that’s dermatologist tested, 96% organic & un-scented $25.00 shop hereĀ


Ayuna Eye Serum- Kryptosomes a vesicular system for deeper layer penetration minimizes appearance of dark circles & puffiness that impact the delicate tissue in a light gel. $150.00 shop here

Vimergy Organic Liquid Zinc Sulfate 7.5 MG- Supports Immune Health & Metabolism for overall well being with clean ingredients, no alcohol, no metallic taste & digests/absorbs better in stomach. $35.00 shop here


Yon-Ka Paris Creme 28, 1.79 oz- Fill up on this gentle hydrating day cream for dry & oily dehydrated skin smoothes rough areas & fine lines for SUPPLE, silky skin. $68 shop here$68.00


Plant Industries beauty distillery puff chill topical tea 7.4 fl oz- Ultra calming serum water reduces puffy, tired skin with highly concentrated energetic plant actives that work deeply to deliver transformative radiance-rich results & instantly absorbs without pilling & great for use under makeup. $24.00 shop here Ā 






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