East Hampton NY LongHouse Reserve Annual Summer Benefit 2023

Into he warm embrace on July 25, 2023, LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton NY, held their  Summer Benefit 2023, that transformed into a realm of enchantment with a celebration of boundless creativity and literary magic. Amidst the twinkling stars of the night, Gala Chairs Dianne Benson, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Wilson, along with Art Chairs Pamela Willoughby and George Negroponte, wove a tapestry of wonder, welcoming a constellation of friends and supporters.

Among the luminaries that graced this Mid Summer Dream themed evening were Alice Aycock, Candace Bushnell, Rosanne Cash, Renee Cox, Bill T. Jones, Laurie Lambrecht, Sophie Chahinian, Robert Longo, Lisa Perry, and G.E. Smith.  Their presence a radiant display of unity in art’s embrace. Guests strolled through the sandy dunes delighted by ethereal music makers with stops along the way to partake in appetizers, champagne, wine & cocktails before entering a whimsical world, where pop-up performances painted the air, magic Stilt walkers reached for the heavens, musicians created melodies that danced with the breeze, and dancers twirled like fireflies in a moonlit sky. Even a mystical merman graced the pool, delighting all with his aquatic charms.

In the summer gardens premium drinks was served, magnificent horse and rider walked the grounds & trapeze aerialists soared with grace while acrobats painted the air with mesmerizing acts, enchanting the senses & enhancing the very soul of LongHouse. The 16-acre grounds beckoned explorers with the promise of a treasure trove of art at every turn. New works by the talented Wyatt Kahn and Fitzhugh Karol were unveiled, as they themselves basked in the beauty of the night.

The evening further sparkled with the allure of loans from illustrious artists Daniel Arsham and Ai Weiwei, all set against the backdrop of timeless creations by visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, and more. The night’s celebration waltzed on with delectable food and drinks passed around and summer dream characters entertained on the dance floor along with a faun lounging under the DJ, bestowing a gathering that transcended dreams, like fireflies in a moonlit meadow. The generosity of the attendees lit up the horizon, leaving a trail of brilliance that would continue to illuminate this magical space through the realms of art and wonder.

In the glow of this transformation, Board President Nina Gillman raised a glass to Jack, a luminary figure, who embraced the call of the new with fearless ardor spanning 2 ½ years of LongHouse’s metamorphosis, from a secluded residence to an open sanctuary. Jack left behind a legacy that is a haven of enchantment in the heart of the community that continues to inspire and teach. Since Jack’s passing, Dianne Benson with envision and leadership has shaped the grounds and space, into a magical place.

In a mesmerizing moment of connection, Laurie Anderson gracefully introduced the illustrious A.M. Homes, as she paid tribute to her cherished friend. With a gentle smile, she delved into the enchanting realm of A.M.’s recent work, where talking trees danced like poetic whispers in the wind. With captivating grace, artist Almond Zigmund took the stage, his words like brushstrokes on a canvas, introducing the luminous honoree, Mary Heilmann. With a smile that painted the room in warmth, he praised her as one of his cherished favorites – a painter who gifted the world the art of basking in the present.

As the night unfolded like a celestial ballet, it brought forth a resounding triumph, surpassing all expectations and raising over $650,000. Like stars alighting in the sky, the generosity and support of the attendees shone brightly, leaving a trail of brilliance that would illuminate LongHouse‘s path towards even greater heights.

This years art auction, benefiting education at LongHouse, included works by Annie Albers, Bjorn Amelan, Laurie Anderson, Ross Bleckner, Cyril Christo & Marie Wilkinson, Peter Dayton, Dawn DeDeaux, Michael De Feo, Sally Egbert, Maryam Eisler, Connie Fox, Joe Gaffney, Judy Hudson, Peter Hujar, Anton Perich, Fitzhugh Karol, Mel Kendrick, Laurie Lambrecht, Jeff Muhs, Randy Polumbo, Marcia Resnick, Ugo Rondinone, Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith, Arlene Slavin, Clintel Steed, Suzannah Wainhouse, David “Mr. StarCity” White, Lucy Wynton, Mark Wilson, and Robert Wilson.

 LongHouse Reserve
133 Hands Creek Road
East Hampton NY 11937

Visit, Join or Support 631-329-3568 | info@longhouse.org



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