Summer Essentials Guide 2023

Take a look in Fashions Digest’s Summer Essentials Guide 2023 for the latest products to enhance the summer season-

LARQ Pitcher PureVi Advanced Filter- Tracks, monitors & manages for fresh water all the time in every sip with unique 2-step process: PureVis & Nano Zero filter technology that eradicates bacteria, viruses & mold. $168.00 Avail in 2 colors shop here













Aiper Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner- Easy to use remote control floor/wall cleaning navigation that drives over the raised floor drains effortlessly 2.5 hours to fully charge for 280 hours of battery life and takes 90 minutes to clean medium sized pools. sale $729.99 use code sspro70

Typhur InstaProbe Meat Thermometer- Get instant read in .75 Seconds, because when it comes to cooking every second counts with OLED display, waterproof, for Grill, BBQ, Cooking & Smoker. $109.00 avail in 2 colors shop here

Vera Bradley Commuter Tote Bag in Recycled Cotton- Get space without the bulk in a gorgeous Vera pattern that’s lightweight with Plenty of pockets, padded laptop compartment and a handy key leash. $145.00 in 7 patterns shop here

Snow Fox Stainless Steel Marble Beer Glass 16 Oz Set-of 2- modern, sleek & refined design with a thin rim in a lightweight, cold engineered container for a delightful drinking experience. $36.00 shop here







Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband- Just touch a button on this patented device that delivers precisely engineered cooling or warming with Thermal Waves Natural Relief from Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Menopause Symptoms sleeplessness & Anxiety with less hormonal pills needed. shop here $299 in rose gold & black

Coda from Clarus cable ultra-high performance USB-DAC amplifier designed to be used with, smartphone, tablet or computer. A DAC converts a digital audio signal to analog audio and the amplifier sends the signal to your headphones or your home audio system giving clarity to each note – & separation between each instruments For a full music experience. $300.00 shop here

 Lucyd Bluetooth Audio Glasses Starseeker Lyte 2.0- Get Polarized UV400 eye protection plus audio utility without sacrificing  comfort that’s lightweight, immersive & user friendly with four-speaker intuitive touch controls & 12 hours of music/calls per charge. Available in 23 lenses including Clear & Anti-reflective. $229.00 Unisex shop here

Truefitt & Hill Apsley Cologne 3.38 Named after iconic London landmark & former residence of the 1st Duke of Wellington, a refined blend of classy, dark outdoorsy bottom note and citrus top note that’s masculine yet not overpowering. $95.00 shop here






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