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Pamela Young aka (Ms. Young) Founder of The Young Agency in Phoenix, AZ is the largest agency in the southwest US, that specializes in representing models and actors of all ages, sizes & looks; including ethnic and cultural diversity for print media, fashion runway, commercial television, film, motion picture, social media content & voice over.

Ms. Young faced an immense challenge after her only daughter passed away at the age of 10 from a tragic car accident. Young dealt with various steps of healing and transitioned from attending her daughter’s funeral to re-learning how to walk again on crutches, a process which took close to a year. She eventually returned to her job in the corporate world before discovering fulfillment by helping others pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry. 

Ms. Young envisioned starting an advertising and marketing agency in 1996, but it became clear that the Phoenix market was overcrowded in that particular industry decided to follow her second  passion; modeling and acting. Fully aware that this industry would also be a challenge due to it’s smaller market size compared to Los Angeles and New York,through hard work and perseverance  achieved success with over 30 years of bookings.

Ms. Young states that “THE YOUNG AGENCY is a pioneer in the representation of cultural & ethnic diversity offering an expansive range of models to fit any role from babies/kids &  men/women of all ages for Runway, Swimsuit & Lingerie, Commercial, Fitness & Promotional. We are a one stop-shop for fashion shows, catalog shoots, commercials, films, background extras, social media content & voice-overs”.

The Young agency also supplies directors and producers with a direct approach for locating individuals of any age, physique, aesthetic appeal, or ethnicity at a budget-friendly 20% service agency fee charge along with offering representation & bookings to talent in the Southwestern US including Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, California, Texas & New Mexico under non-exclusive contracts to procure work independently and go after aspirations while widening a repertoire of knowledge and credits. 

Upcoming events & more info. coming soon… 

1) MODELS ON THE MOVE: Journey to Kids Fashion week Docu-series.

2) MODELS ON THE MOVE: Journey to Teen Fashion week Documentary Red-Carpet Premiere at LOOK CINEMAS in Chandler from 12 pm- 5pm on 1/28/23.

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 Ms. Young is also an Author, Assoc Director & Executive Producer of two documentaries released in January 2023 titled, MODELS ON THE MOVE: Journey to Teen Fashion Week & MODELS ON THE MOVE: Journey to Kids Fashion Week, available on various streaming platforms. Young is listed on the IMDb page as the principal actor in two films in 2014 and 2022 titled, Diamond Cobra and Heavenly Conquerors respectively. 

Ms. Young has set the ambitious goal of releasing updated versions of her model books in 2023 as well as taking on roles, casting director, film director and producer to provide her talent with invaluable acting experience. Young continues to strive for credibility in her directing and executive producing  capabilities by releasing films that will help her talent become known in the industry. Filming for her upcoming  feature film, “The Spontaneous Wedding” will begin early this year in  Phoenix during the initial First Quarter of 2023.

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