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I look for natural NOT overdone, fake looking results in anti-aging face/neck procedures; while at the same time expecting to see obvious results. For this reason I wanted to research Akis Ntonos who is a Family Nurse Practitioner in NYC and lead injector/trainer for the National Med Spa chain along with being an owner & injector at his private practice.

Akis completed his Doctor of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University & Board certified from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). I pay close attention to a professional’s sense of style, grace & detail when it pertains to beauty/design so my ears picked up when I read Akis is an accomplished fencer, world traveler and won a “2022 Top Esthetics Everything Award” for his procedures.

Aion Esthetics is located on the upper east side on a quiet block.  Upon entering I had noticed the deliberate attention to zen staging for relaxation. I was met by Taso the clinic director who was friendly & engaging. I was introduced to practitioner Akis who clearly knew fashion, was graceful and articulate, answering my questions in a way that I did not feel rushed along with a personalized survey skin treatment regime. 

I received the PRF Mirconeedljng treatment with PRF Injections to stimulate collagen production on a deeper layer and enhance the appearance of under eye circle and minimize darkness in the area. Medical grade numbing cream was used in order to achieve minimum discomfort.

The EMCYTE (medical grade) centrifuge that was used provides the most powerful concentration of deliverable regenerative cells without the deleterious contaminants & platelet deterioration found in most PRP products to generate 4-5 times more platelets when compared to other centrifuges is the most important measure of the power of the PRP biologic used for optimal results.

The procedure was relaxing and not the discomfort people think. I’ve had botox/fillers in the past and feel the crunchy sound & sting were more uncomfortable and took longer. I had no redness the next day and within 72 hours noticed clearer, dewy skin with smaller pores resulting in a healthier, younger looking face.

The PRF Microneedling treatment has multiple benefits:

Minimizes Pore Size, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Helps with reducing acne/surgical scars, boosts collagen, lessens Hyperpigmentation & sun damage, enhances skin texture & establishes an overall healthy skin.

What you get at Aion Esthetics is state of the art skincare by a practitioner who studies & teaches the latest skincare trends with great pricing.

55 E 73rd St Suite: GF, New York, NY 10021
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