Mother’s Day Excellent Gift Guide Ideas 2021

Take a look inside Fashions Digest Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021. View brand new launched Beauty, Tech & fashion products with excellent reviews. Because Mom deserves great gifts.

Heart of Sand Necklace- 18k Gold overly 925 Sterling Silver heart personalize with customized sand from resort or location of Mom’s choice to hold and captures a favorite experience with over 4,000+ Sands & Earth Elements to choose from. $150.00
Ricoh THETA SC2 4K 360 Spherical camera-
Excellent lens technology, colorful, vibrant & dynamic range for family gatherings, realestate, restaurants, construction videos ect. Features 14GB memory, face /night view exposure, under water Mode, HDR Algorithm, High-Speed Image Data Transfer. $296.95
Feat Blanket Blend Hoodie- Give mom a yummy soft feeling experience with this custom developed fabric that combines the comfort of cotton and polyester finished with a rare yarn & ButterWash process to create a super soft durable hoodie that’s smooth inside. Unisex sizing, hidden accessories pocket $128.00
Tough As A Mother Tribe
customized Mom Necklace- 1-6 letter necklace that features a powerful gemstone of your choice and initials or thoughts & inspirations to Mom. chains: 14k gold-filled Letters: 925 sterling silver w/18k gold $39.99-$69.99
Lovepop pop-up card Mother’s Day Hummingbird 3D card- Write a message and add an uploaded photo. Lovepop will print & mail it to Mom for you. $13.00
AirPop Active+ Halo Sensor Smart Mask- Protect your family and yourself and breath without worries wearing a Smart Mask with App for iOS that monitors air quality, breathing cycles & alerts to change filter. Made with 360 degree face forming super light construction that snaps into shell with adjustable ear loops providing 99% filtration/respiratory/barrier protection, 99.3 particle filtration, 99.9 bacterial filtration & fluid penetration resistance that exceeds CWA guidelines. Avail in black & white $149.99
TheraDermis NAD+ Anti-Aging Face & Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Day- Facelift in a jar. Contains Vitamin-infused powder with powerful plant actives to rejuvenate at a cellular level 7 restore aging skin Stem cell to re-energize/add elasticity. Anti-inflammatory to reduce acne / blemishes/ nourishes/ tightens and restores skin’s natural radiance with less discoloration. $99.95
Willow Long Sleeve + Gravity Short + Hemp Face Mask- Relax in soft comfortable Hemp material, perfect for the season. $89.00
Noopl 1.0 accessory for iPhone with App- Don’t skip a beat on your conversation using enhanced hearing of directional array steer based on the direction the user is looking every few milliseconds. app automatically recognizes if user is holding the phone or on table optimizing the directional of conversation you want to hear with crisp vocal clarity while dramatically reducing background noise. One year warranty, compatible with iOS 14+ iPhone 7+ & carrying case. $199.00
Skout’s Honor CAT HAPPY AT HOME KIT- Give Mom a nice experience of a clean & fresh smelling home INCLUDES: Stain and Odor Remover (35oz.) Laundry Booster Additive (32oz.) Probiotic Shampoo +Conditioner (16oz.) Probiotic Deodorizer (8oz.) Prebiotic Pet Balm Travel stick (.15oz). $59.96
Deep CBDs Protect + Hydrate SPF30 Broad Spectrum- Get shield protection and optimal Hydration with UVA/UVB for sun rays and sweat & water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Also diminishes free radicals and photo aging. Formulated with hemp extract full spectrum CBD, shea butter, green tea leaf extract & cucumber extract.
Paraben-Free | Alcohol-Free | Sulfate-Free | Vegan Friendly| Gluten-Free | Allergen-Free| Cruelty-Free. $49.99
Croon essentials cleansing and exfoliating microfibers kit- Sustainable skincare without the toxins, wipes and single-use plastics tossed out every day & lasts up to 20 months. laundry bag included. $39.50

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