Health & Beauty Summer Product Guide 2022

Take a look inside Fashions Digest’s Health & Beauty Guide 2022 to find newly launched products tested and perfect for summer

La Jeanell Protect Sunscreen Lotion- Protect your complexion from sun damage with this invisible technology sunscreen formula that nourishes & tones skin with SPF 55 UVA/UVB to use alone or with beauty products. $49.00 click on link
Oxygenetix Oxygenating Concealer- This brand Started out as medical-grade makeup that’s in demand by professionals for breathable makeup for long periods of lasting coverage to conceal dis-colorations, acne, rosacea & skin sensitivities while allowing oxygen to enter the skin barrier resulting in less irritation & clogged pores. $49.00 click on link
YVES ROCHER Land Océane Eyeshadow Palette- Oceanic harmony-inspired bluish night/day shades that doesn’t irritate sensitive, dry eyes. $19.00 click on link
Avya Hydroveda Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF40- Infused with modern molecular science & ancient Ayurvedic medicine that shields against UV / blue light & environmental stressors while hydrating and perfecting skin with a sheer, universally flattering tint that naturally evens & radiates all skin tones. $38 shade fair,light/Med click on link
Youth Skincare hydration Fragile Areas Balm- Non-greasy, velvety moisturizing cream that
soothes, protects & softens dry skin that’s rough & dehydrated due to harsh/hot/dry climate conditions with natural ingredients & anti-inflammatory properties. $30.00 Click here for info-
Ballsy No Sweat 3 piece Bundle- Essential products for the hot summer months to keep those ball privates fresh & feeling/smelling good. $38.00 click on link
Sienna Duster- UPF 50 sun protection, light-weight Satin Kimono Cardigan to wear at the pool / beach or night out over an outfit with convenience of pockets & machine washable. $196.00 avail in 2 colors click here for info-
OFF! Clean insect repellent ll- Not your mother’s repellent with this new formula spray that’s lightweight/non-greasy, odorless & won’t damage clothes while protecting against insects for anytime daily use .
LAROCHE POSAY Anthelios AOX Antioxidant Serum with SPF 50 Sunscreen- Lightweight sunscreen does NOT sting, cause chemical reaction, redness, breakouts & good for all skin types; also layers well under makeup. $42.50 click on link
KidCo PeaPod Camp Tent- Protect your bundle from the elements extends to PeaPod travel bed that pops open & ready to use with retractable sun shade, lightweight, 50-percent UV protection & quick-loc secure for children 6mths – 6yrs. $99.95 click
On link
Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Advanced Tinted Self Tanner- Don’t want to go out in the sun? Look sun-kissed with a natural glow & hydrated face/body with this organic & eco-friendly formula and delicious coco scent. $44 click on link
Skin by Brownlee & Co. Power C Vitamin Serum- Get potent results with this heavily concentrated Vitamin C & anti-oxidant formula to regenerate & revitalize for younger, clearer, glowing skin. $67.00 click on link
Blume Daydreamer Face Wash- Calms redness with gentle non-stripping formula of Lavender & Rapeseed Oil with no Alcohol, Sulfates, Parabens & Silicones for sensitive/all skin types. $20.00 click on link
YOUTH Hydrating Gel Mask-
Look revived, moisturized & glowing as if your skin just received a facial with this Hyaluronic acid-packed gold gel infused formula with aloe leaf juice, Centella Asiatica extracts & chamomile. $31.70 click on link
Kiierr DHT Conditioner for Hair Growth- Stops hair loss & promotes the active phase of hair growth cycle for new healthy hair with patented formula while conditioning with a peppermint scent. $34.95 one month supply click here

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