Vanessa Lachey the actress and tv personality celebrated the Crocs 34st Grand Opening on 152 West 34th Street by a ribbon cutting, taking a bite out of a massive Croc shoe cake and proceeded to shop  the 2 floors of this spacious big store that carries new lines of shoes for Women, kids and Men for herself, baby Camden and husband Nick Lachey.  For the price croc shoes and boots are comfortable, lightweight and many styles are waterproof.  Let’s talk about comfort and function on how the boots do not slip as you lift your foot to step causing a blister because they mold to your foot and are lightweight. The children’s boots are easy to wear/run in with no complains that their heavy and hurt. The women’s wedges are also built like the boots and have a wide, sturdy surface for ankle stability so you don’t turn your ankle wearing them and for the men there is a sole in the shoe that massages the foot- great for tired feet.  I’m glad there are new Croc styles and store locations because Crocs makes any feet feel better.

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